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2019-2020 Officers and Chairmen

President: Jason Ellis

Goal for ASCE: My goals for this upcoming year as president would be to make sure that there is more thorough communication from the top to the bottom of ASCE and to make sure that there are more set-in stone schedules for the various competitions. For my position specifically, I want people to feel like they know how to find and get in touch with me and that they can come talk to me and get any questions they may have answered.

Vice President: Connor Moore

Goals for ASCE: I have two main goals that I want to accomplish during my time in leadership. First, I want to make things more efficient. I want everyone to have the opportunity to be doing something. In the past, I have noticed that it feels like there are too many people in the highbay and not enough things to do. I hope I can fix that problem. The second thing I hope to accomplish is making everyone feel welcome and part of the ASCE family. I’ve noticed this being a problem when someone new wants to join but has trouble finding someone to connect with and I would like to change that.

Secretary: Kait Neece

Goals for ASCE: My goals for ASCE this year are to create a more inviting and open environment for new members. And, to increase our club’s communication and organization skills.

Treasurer: Cameron Miller

Goals for ASCE: This year I want the UAH ASCE chapter to design a steel bridge that can be built in under 15 minutes and hold the required weight. After last year’s fourth place finish in Concrete Canoe, I think that placing in the top three overall canoes is achievable. In many of our small competitions, we were just shy of cracking the top three. I would like us to really focus on three or four that we feel that we can place very well in.

Concrete Canoe Co-Chair: Thomas Wisinski

Goals for ASCE: My goal for the 2019-2020 academic year as Concrete Canoe Co-Chair is to educate members on everything the National Concrete Canoe Competition entails and make sure everyone who wants to join is an integral part of the project. This includes paddling, scheduling, hull design and structural analysis, mix design, mold construction, canoe construction, safety, technical writing, professionalism in presentation, and so much more. This is my senior year, so I need to impart all the knowledge I have accumulated the last three years to other members. As a member of the club, my goal is to foster friendship within the club. I want the people we work with hours on end for these projects we care so much about to be our friends, people we can study for classes with, and most importantly, people we can succeed with!

Concrete Canoe Co-Chair: Sarah Puchner

Goals for ASCE: I plan on focusing on scheduling early in the project to help maintain our team’s accountability. I want to increase the use of a group google calendar to publicize the schedule and allow for team editing and recording. I plan to also focus on mentoring and team development during the fall semester of the project. I primarily plan on using the freshman ASCE class and Wednesday night Highbay meetings to offer hands on learning experience for those interested in the canoe portion. New members will be able to pair up with returning members to work on a specific part of the project and receive training while working. I want to create a final mix this year that exhibits a level of workability adequate for canoe placement, a stable density that is lower than that of water, and a flexural stress with a safety factor of seven. I am also open to new ideas and am sure new innovations will present themselves as the project progresses. I am looking forward to a new year and working with the UAH Concrete Canoe team.

Steel Bridge Chair: John Todd Gibson

Goals for ASCE: As the Chair for Steel Bridge, I do hope that the team is able to build a steel bridge that is able to hold the required weight at competition, practice on a faster build time, and have the bridge weigh a little less. However, this club isn’t just about building a bridge. This club is about gaining hands-on engineering experience, while simultaneously learning how to work with a team to accomplish a common goal. My plan is to show other students that in this competition we rely on each other to accomplish this in the end to be able to succeed.

Small Comp Chair: Hunter Baugh

Goals for ASCE:

As the small competitions chair, I will make it my goal to ensure all of the small competitions for next year will be filled with participants from our chapter and have leaders for each one. I will also make sure that the people that need help understanding a subject that they are not familiar with in order to compete in their competition get the help that they need from staff or the professional chapter. In addition to that, I will also ensure that each of the competitions stay on schedule for things that they need to turn in as well as things that need to be built by a certain time. I will regularly check in on the competition leaders to make sure they are making good progress.

Social Media and Recruiting Chair: Christina Bray

Goals for ASCE: As SM&R Chair my plan is to not only help students of UAH be kept updated with what is happening through our different social medias, but also show other student chapters our image. Show that UAH ASCE Student Chapter keeps a positive attitude, looks for new ideas, and keeps connected with our local ASCE Branch. As the main Recruiter, I will also be making sure ASCE doesn’t miss out on an opportunity at campus events, or local events to get our name out there. I am looking forward to working to working with the other officers and keeping our goals in mind as we proceed through this school year.


Our Faculty Advisers for UAH are:

Dr. Ashraf Z. Al-Hamdan


Dr. Michael D. Anderson


Our Practicing Advisers for the Huntsville ASCE Branch are:

John Buxton

Monthly meetings

Our Monthly ASCE Meetings will be at UAH's Olin B. King Technology Hall room S105 every first Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.


  • Tuesday, September 3rd
  • Tuesday, October 1st
  • Tuesday, November 5th
  • Tuesday, January 7th
  • Tuesday, February 4th
  • Tuesday, March 3rd
  • Tuesday, April 7th

*(These dates are potential to change.)

the highbay

Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge meet in the ASCE Highbay at UAH's Olin B. King Technology Hall. See map below for exact location.


Paddling Practice Schedule:

  • Thursday(Coach - Nate):7 am to 9 am
  • Sunday (Coach - Thomas): 3 pm to 5 pm

Please email uah.asce@gmail.com to be a part of Team UAH paddling!

Practice will meet at the canoe trailer, unless otherwise specified.

Contact information

Please email uah.asce@gmail.com for more information on our student chapter!

Our 2019 Canoe Racers and Coaches with Soundwave in the 2019 Southeast Regional Conference in Knoxville, TN.

(Left to Right: Lilli Powell, Connor Moore, Kait Neese, Christina Bray, Sarah Puchner, Luke Childress, Thomas Wisinski , Kyle Brown, and Nate Brinkman.)