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2020-2021 Officers and Chairmen

President: Connor Moore

Goal for ASCE: My goal for this year is to make ASCE great even through this pandemic. I plan to do this by expanding the club actives, improve our online access ability, and ensure our spring competitions are the best they can be!

Vice President: Sarah Puchner

Goals for ASCE: During my time in leadership, I wish to encourage and strengthen membership in UAH ASCE. I endeavor to continue to share the many benefits of being involved in this organization. I seek to provide mentorship that encourages the growth of student leaders and the next generation of civil engineers. I desire to create a family atmosphere that encourages participation, growth and community engagement. I aim to achieve those goals through specifically designed events and student competitions. I look forward to a new year and continued success for UAH ASCE!

Secretary: Caspian Brenner

Goals for ASCE: My goals for the UAH ASCE Team this year are focused on maintaining our competitive edge and ensuring we are an educational resource for our members. Though competition is going to look very different from how it has in years past, I want to help our team perform better than before no matter what the situation is. I also know in my relatively short time with ASCE I have learned a myriad of things about engineering in general and I hope we can continue to educate others in the same way.

Treasurer: Nate Brinkman

Goals for ASCE: My primary goal is to create an online alternative for paying dues as well as managing the account in a clear and effective way that next year's Treasurer can pick up where i left off with no problems.

Concrete Canoe Chair: Zeb Maze

Goals for ASCE: Teach younger students everything they need to for ASCE.

Steel Bridge Chair: Cameron Miller

Goals for ASCE:

Small Comp Chair: Jonathan Wade

Goals for ASCE: My goal is to further my education extracurricularly by involving myself more with some of the smartest people I know. I want to learn more about and gain experience in a multitude of fields that may help me in the professional world and have fun while doing it. Small Competitions is one of the most entertaining and fun parts about ASCE. So, I'm excited to be a part of it and see what this year holds in store.

Social Media and Recruiting Co-Chair: Rebecca Ibsen

Goals for ASCE: My goal for ASCE this year is to encourage student involvement and help them explore the possibilities of civil engineering. This semester will be approached differently since most events have been move to online, however I believe with the right amount of perseverance this will be great year!

Social Media and Recruiting Co-Chair: Dylan Weaver

Goals for ASCE: My goal for ASCE this year is to promote the growth of our student ASCE chapter through new events and community involvement. In previous years our chapter has been very focused on the annual Regional Conference, but I want to create a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all of our members.


Our Faculty Advisers for UAH are:

Dr. Ashraf Z. Al-Hamdan


Dr. Michael D. Anderson


Our Practicing Adviser for the Huntsville ASCE Branch are:

John Buxton

Monthly meetings

Our Monthly ASCE Meetings will be online via ZOOM every first Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.


  • Tuesday, September 7th

  • Tuesday, October 5th

  • Tuesday, November 2nd

  • Tuesday, January 4th

  • Tuesday, February 1st

  • Tuesday, March 1st

  • Tuesday, April 5th

*(These dates are subject to change.)

the highbay

Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge meet in the ASCE Highbay at UAH's Olin B. King Technology Hall. See map below for exact location.


Paddling Practice Schedule:

  • Thursday(Coach - Nate):7 am to 9 am

  • Sunday (Coach - Thomas): 3 pm to 5 pm

Please email uah.asce@gmail.com to be a part of Team UAH paddling!

Practice will meet at the canoe trailer, unless otherwise specified.

Contact information

Please email uah.asce@gmail.com for more information on our student chapter!

Our 2019 Canoe Racers and Coaches with Soundwave in the 2019 Southeast Regional Conference in Knoxville, TN.

(Left to Right: Lilli Powell, Connor Moore, Kait Neese, Christina Bray, Sarah Puchner, Luke Childress, Thomas Wisinski , Kyle Brown, and Nate Brinkman.)